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Livery and Maintenance is an umbrella organisation for a number of English late 15th century (Wars of the Roses) groups, specialising in high quality living history, medieval camp, social and military displays. The group can deliver small scale events through to larger displays of up to 50-100 members. As a collection of groups we can draw on a great number of members and a wide range of skills and crafts to present an entertaining, educational event to the public. We operate with a high level of authenticity and ensure all equipment is well researched and sourced so that presentations are accurate and informative. We commonly present arena shows and timed displays and talks for the public and cover all aspects of the period from military to social to crafts - and everything in between. It is our aim to entertain, educate and inform, providing an easily accessible platform with which to enthusiastically deliver a high level of engagement with visitors to any site, ensuring that they leave having had a valuable interactive experience. Our commitment to authenticity, together with over 15 years of experience in delivering high quality living history events ensures best value for our clients and with our diverse range of skills, we are flexible enough to work within the constraints of any site.

The group can deliver talks on a number of crafts and through its dedicated members can bring to life many aspects of the period in the formal setting of displays and presentations or through the more informal way - that of within a camp or building/room setting where the visitor is encouraged to interact with the activity rather than just listening. Both are effective ways for communicating and informing and Livery and Maintenance is flexible enough to be able to provide both. We positively encourage engagement with visitors, believing that becoming involved in something is a fantastic way of learning. To this end, many of our activities and displays involve an interactive element.